The course materials are available below to purchase and instantly download. The core teachings come first and the practice materials at each step appear below. The 15-steps is the most important part of the course. The Concise Model explains the principles and elements comprehensively. You may cherry-pick the other downloads as you need. It is always good to practise earlier steps even if you have progressed quite far along the course. Updates to materials happen occasionally and your links will give you lifetime access to these.

The legacy course is available HERE. It uses a more conventional, modular, prescriptive system, following a set scheme of work. Some people may prefer this approach but as I am no longer developing it, there will be no future updates.

The 15 Steps

This the core of the course. This download gives you the complete course in simple step-by-step format: a 47-page illustrated document with integrated video links at each step.

The Concise Model

A 22-page illustrated PDF document with some integrated audio links explaining the simple, comprehensive model of rhythmic and tonal “language”.

How to Study and Practise

A short PDF document with 4 videos explaining how to approach this course. The way we practise fluent skills is very different from conventional learning, In this download, you will learn how the model forms the basis of your practice and the best way to immerse yourself in the learning.

Blockages to Fluency

Developing fluency in the language of music can easily be blocked by habitual musical, psychological and even emotional issues. This PDF document and coaching video help you to identify and tackle the most common blockages.

Fingers, Hands, Arms and Technique

Technique is an area of piano playing that can become unnecessarily complex. This PDF document with an embedded link to a video provides a clear and simple explanation of how to employ a free and efficient physical attitude to playing fluently on the keys.

Good Practice and Self-assessment

It is vitally important to assess the correct criteria as you practise. This short PDF document and video explain how practising requires a specific mindset and a clear understanding of your moment-by-moment goals.

Lots more materials exist –  studies, sight-reading practice, patterns and other coaching materials – and these will be added to the website as quickly as possible over the coming weeks. More materials are also being created all the time.