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11/08/20 – added a demonstration video to the 1.1 beta course for Learning the harmonic blocks. This is the first video in the beta course, designed to offer an even clearer sense of how to practise to get the harmonic blocks fully and clearly internalised.

02/08/20 – added a section to Lesson Infinity about how to take 100% responsibility for successful practice.

24/07/20 – added revised Lesson Infinity to the Beta Course.

24-06-20 – added the following to the beta course: LEVEL 1 – MODULE 1 – pedalling; LEVEL 1 – MODULE 2 – improvising on relative major-minor blocks; reading relative major-minor blocks; mapping the butterfly areas of the keyboard

23-06-20 – The reformatted materials are being added to the site gradually. You can take a look at them using the menu item “Beta course”. Currently there is the Concise Model from Module Infinity and the Module 1.1 practice materials. More will be added.

15-06-20 – Added two videos: a coaching session on how to get into the zone before you begin your practice and a short news item.

17-05-20 – Added a download in 1.1 of 12 drum tracks at different tempos to help students play at different speeds and stop defaulting to the same tempo

13-05-20 – Supplementary rhythm exercises added to 1.1

03-05-20 – Added another video answering 3 questions.

06-04-20 – Updated the 4 extra studies in 1.1 and 1.2 using notation that fits each module (i.e. no staff in 1.1) and addressing the way some blocks can have different names or enharmonic spellings.

02-04-20 – New questions video added

17-02-20 – Corrected the error at start of Video from 13th Feb (sorry!) Added new video answering questions. Posted the questions above each video.

25-02-20 – Video added to harmonic block diagrams app

23-02-20 – Added a little app to help with learning the harmonic blocks showing their diagrams in random sequence. Link is in level infinity.

13-02-20 – New questions video added

27-01-20 – New questions video added

20-01-20 – Supplementary studies added to 1.1 and 1.2

13-01-20 – New questions video added

06-01-20 – Added a section to infinity where videos answering students’ questions will be posted regularly. The first one is now there.

10-12-19 – Added a video to infinity talking about practising exactly as instructed

09-10-19 – Added a little video to 1.2 showing how the sustain pedal co-ordinates when you play a new harmonic block.

18-08-19 – Updated 1.2 workbook to help with reading harmonic blocks over the butterfly areas.

14-08-19 – Site update with improved usability.

14-08-19 – New resource added to module 1.2 to help with reading harmonic blocks over the butterfly areas.

08-08-19 – New free video uploaded called “Use Any Fingers” talking about the dangers of finger-pinning and why this common conventional approach is not in line with the flexibility necessary for navigating tonal space over the keyboard map.



Once logged in, use the menu links under My Course to access the content for the module you are currently studying. There is the video lesson and a link to the workbook or documents plus coaching videos which Phil will post regularly. Remember, Module ∞ is accessible at every level. Use it!

To download a workbook or document, right click (Windows) or Ctrl click (Mac) and on the link select “download link as” or use the browser’s PDF reader. If you want to download a video, play the video, click the 3 dots on the bottom right and select “download”.

As well as the updates and additional videos shown above, Phil will also make corrections and amendments within the workbook PDF files from time to time. So it’s a good idea to refresh and replace downloaded PDF files. To flush the cache for a page, in Windows use Ctrl + F5 or in OS X use Command + R.