An Illustrated introduction to the PlayPianoFluently Model and a first lesson to get your musical fluency underway.

The PlayPianoFluently model is clearly explained in this concise 20-page PDF. It contains principles and elements presented clearly with illustrations and diagrams that show how music works on the keys. This eBook is a very valuable resource, along with the videos, to guide your practice.

The Introductory Lesson provides simple practice materials and step-by-step explanation of how to use them. It is an optional but excellent first step before embarking on the full course and it gives you a good sense of the flavour of the PlayPianoFluently course.

Practice Materials

You can purchase and download materials in PDF format below.

The downloads all follow the scheme of work over 3 levels, which is clearly set out in the eBook. I will gradually add more materials until the entire scheme of work is covered to effectively create a course. Each of the 3 levels is split into 4 sub-levels. Hence you will see the titles of the materials clearly showing Level 1.1 or Level 2.3 etc.

Each practice exercise pinpoints and develops skills that enable you to play and practise music far beyond the confines of the particular patterns or studies. This means that each download effectively gives you access to a substantial amount of practice. But if you have enjoyed practising a particular item and would like me to add more versions of it, then feel free to ask and I will do so. As well as adding new materials, I will also occasionally fine-tune the published materials. When you purchase materials, you will have automatic access to updated versions for 12 months.

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Level 1 Materials

Level 2 Materials

Level 3 Practice Materials

Coming very soon…