The course

Spread over 3 levels with 4 modules in each, the course is meant to take 3 years but of course you can work at your own pace. Each module contains a PDF booklet with detailed explanations and clear diagrams and a video lesson to demonstrate the practice. The course contains everything you need to practise effectively. When you buy a module, a level or the whole course, you will register and gain access to pages where you can view or download the content you have purchased, including updates and additional exclusive coaching videos for 12 months.

1-2-1 coaching or examination sessions with Phil, either in person at his studio in Fulham, London UK or via Skype, can be arranged. These cost £50 an hour and are subject to availability. If you would like to arrange a session with Phil, please get in touch.

You must complete the whole course from the beginning and spend enough time practising the materials in each module before moving on. Even experienced musicians must start at the beginning in order to fully grasp these exciting new ideas, designed to generate the most genuinely useful and powerful, fluent keyboard skills.

Use the buttons below to purchase single modules, an entire level containing the 4 modules, or the entire course with all 12 modules.

Each module contains a 20-40 page PDF book and a 10-15 minute video lesson. The PDF contains comprehensive clear instructions on how to approach your practice and sets out the principles and elements covered at the particular level as well as extensive notated practice materials. The accompanying video demonstrates the practice you need to be doing at that level.

With every purchase, you will also gain access to Module ∞, which is not an optional freebie but the most essential area of study in the course. As such it must be consulted all the time, at all levels, hence its name. It contains the Concise Model, Lesson Infinity and a document listing common blockages and also the video.

The Concise PlayPianoFluently Model is a detailed 18-page illustrated PDF explaining the complete model of how music works. You must always focus on the model as you play, at every level. So this document contains essential knowledge as well as a brief scheme of work to outline the structure of the course. 

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