How long does it take?

Each level is designed to take a year but in truth, it depends on so many factors that people can learn much more quickly or it can take much longer. The biggest factor is the quality and quantity of practice a student does and then there is the simple matter of aptitude – people learn at different rates. Quality of practice is the variable that you must attend to. The blockages and bad habits that commonly persist around learning piano need to be tackled head on. If you trust the course and perhaps even more importantly your own inner musician’s natural ability, then you can significantly shorten the amount of time it takes to complete the course.

Does it really work?

Of course it works! It seems strange that this question gets asked so often. But then as we live in a culture full of duplicity, deception and lies, it is perhaps understandable that people will need reassuring on this point. Of course, it only works if you do it properly. If you don’t actually practise regularly with the correct focus, it will not work…

Can I play my favourite songs and tunes on this course?

No! But once you have completed the course, you will be able to play pretty much whatever you like. This is a foundation course that builds your familiarity with elements and principles of musical language. You must improvise and play studies using these language elements. Your favourite music will contain musical language that is beyond you until you have completed the course. The vast majority of people simply don’t have the necessary blind confidence to play music that they don’t grasp consciously with any flair. This course develops skills that address the all too common problem of people trying to play their favourite music but just ruining it with poor rhythm, stiff and/or uncontrolled playing and an undeveloped sense of musical syntax. Playing music you like but without a fluent grasp of the language it contains makes for very poor results indeed. To play well, you must understand what you are playing. Just as you must understand what you are saying when you speak a language fluently.

I have passed grade 1-8, do I still have to start at the beginning?

Yes because the principles and elements of music taught in this course will not be familiar as they are not covered by other approaches. If you have talent and experience, you might complete the course more quickly but you must still do it in its entirety.

Will I learn music theory on this course?

No. This is not a music theory course in any conventional sense. You will find learning music theory extremely easy however, if that is something that interests you, once you have completed the course and developed fluent musicianship skills.

Is this an ear training system?

Please read this page! It is not a musical ear training system in any conventional sense. However, in practice, you will find that it does equip you with the most impressive aural skills.

Is this course more for classical, jazz or pop music?

This is an entirely “non-denominational” approach that will prepare you for playing any style of music on the piano. It will also prepare you well for developing keyboard-based production skills, as well as composing and arranging music.

Can I keep playing my old pieces?

If you want to play music you have learned to play passively, you can but you must make a clear mental boundary between this passive playing and the musicianship training practice you must do on this course. However, a caveat: any music you practise that you cannot play fluently will tend to embed bad habits.

I don’t have a good musical ear, will I be able to do this course?

Please read this page. If you listen to music and it makes rhythmic and tonal sense to you then you do in fact have a good musical ear, just as most people do. Another check that your musical ear or sense is working OK is whether you can hear music in your imagination. Very few people lack these abilities. Singing out of tune is not an indication of having poor musical sense or a weak musical ear so much as a sign of lack of confidence in your singing skills which of course can also be trained…

Is this a good course for children?

This course was designed for adults. The concepts however are very simple and children will grasp them well if they are taught by a sympathetic adult.

If it’s not what I expected, can I have a refund?

You may simply contact us and explain why you feel the course is not what you expected, then of course, as long as you promise to delete all the files you have downloaded, you can have a refund. Please get in touch about this within 14 days of making your purchase. Please read the materials on this website and also watch the YouTube videos to get a sense of what the course is all about BEFORE you purchase anything.