Learn to play piano by ear & express yourself
naturally & freely on the keys

Play piano by ear and understand music deeply

It is possible to learn to play the piano by ear, develop great rhythm skills and even acquire rare abilities such as perfect pitch. PlayPianoFluently offers an alternative approach to learning the piano based on a clear model of how music works. It is a clearly set out course with carefully designed practice tools (or toys!) for developing musical fluency. With the correct focus and practice, you will be able to play chords and melodies by ear and your rhythms will be flowing and precise. Most importantly, using these skills, you can express yourself naturally on the piano.

Once you are fluent, you can explore any style of music you like! All genres – jazz, rock and blues, classical, pop etc. – are built using the same principles and elements. When you learn to grasp the deep, symmetry and structure that underpin rhythm and tonal relationship on the keyboard, you can discover all kinds of chords and melodies by ear effortlessly.

You don’t need to practise scales and arpeggios or study music theory in order to be fluent. You don’t need to count note values or play to a metronome. You just need to understand and practise a clear set of structural principles, which connect directly to your intuitive musical sense.


Learn to play the piano with clear, solid focus, in a state of flow!
Understand patterns of melody, harmony & rhythms clearly then play music effortlessly from the body and soul!

Learn the most useful piano skills

This means you will have truly useful piano skills. You will be able to do the following things instantly, without any working out or trial and error

  • Play the piano by ear and have great aural skills – play music you can remember
  • Improvise or compose your own songs and pieces
  • Sight-read fluently – hear an unfamiliar musical score in your head and play it effortlessly

Once you are musically fluent on the keys, you will also find learning new music very quick and easy, you will find developing a excellent piano technique is a natural process without having to play repetitive drills or exercises and you will find music theory far easier to learn and understand.

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