Learn to play piano by ear & express yourself
naturally and freely on the keys


Play piano by ear

I believe anyone can learn to play piano by ear! So that’s why I developed the PlayPianoFluently method (previously known as MusicallyFluent). It shows you how to find piano chords and melodies by ear and to play rhythms naturally,

Furthermore, the ability to play by ear enables you to express yourself naturally on the piano, in any style of music:-

  • Jazz piano
  • Rock and blues piano
  • Classical piano
  • Playing pop songs on the piano
  • Exploration of any musical style you like

This is because you learn to grasp the basic symmetrical structure of the piano keyboard. Then finding chords and melodies by ear is effortless, without having to practise scales and arpeggios or study music theory.

Learn the most useful piano skills

You will also learn about the deep structure of rhythm. As a result, your piano playing will have a stable, flowing pulse or groove. Most importantly, you can achieve this without counting or using a metronome. Then you can play rhythmic patterns with a natural, clear and musical sound.

All of this means you will have truly useful piano skills. You will be able to:-

  • Play the piano by ear and have great aural skills
  • Improvise or compose your own songs and pieces
  • Sight-read fluently – instantly hear an unfamiliar musical score in your head
  • Learn new music quickly and easily
  • Play with a natural, excellent piano technique without needing to practise finger exercises or drills
  • Understand music theory more easily

Why not take a closer look? Or get in touch, if you have any questions.

Learn to play the piano with clear, solid focus, in a state of flow! All the melodies, rhythms and harmonies pour out of your fingers as you effortlessly find your way around the keyboard.

I’ve tried so many different ways of learning piano. I did classical piano as a child then later I tried jazz piano and I’ve looked at various show-and-play lessons on YouTube. Finally, I found this method. It’s revolutionary approach is simple and practical which doesn’t mean it’s all that easy to give up my old habits. But at least I have all the tools now to practise properly!

Megan Wright

I’ve found learning piano this way to be really exciting. It’s definitely challenging but always fun. The materials are really clear and my piano skills now amaze people.

Jack Smith