An empowering & radically ground-breaking approach to learning piano

Gain powerful, fluent musicianship skills: play by ear; improvise; see a new piece of sheet music and hear it playing in your mind, without the pain of studying dense theory or difficult aural training

Learn to play the piano by ear & express yourself naturally & freely on the keys.

You can develop the kind of powerful skills that gifted musicians possess. PlayPianoFluently is a powerful and comprehensive training method designed to empower keyboard musicians to realise their true musical creative potential. It is practical and very different from any existing approaches to keyboard musicianship training. There are no gimmicks; just simple, effective tools or toys to help you unlock your inspiration and enable you to express yourself as a fluent musician on the piano keys. Learning fluent keyboard musicianship is child’s play once you have a clear model of how music works. Once you can find a playful, childlike mindset together with a clear focus on this simple model of how music works, you are in the right zone for effective practice. This carefully designed course will show you how.

Make your music with effortless flair and spontaneity. Grasp how musical patterns work to gain an extraordinary command of the piano keyboard.

Play piano by ear and understand music deeply

Few people can make music as naturally as we all speak. Fewer still look at a notated score and hear the sounds precisely in their heads, just as are doing right now, reading these words. Yet almost everyone understands music when they hear it. Rhythm, melody and harmony speak to us directly; even music we’ve never heard before is full of meaning.  Yet having a musical conversation, expressing yourself instantly, effortlessly using appropriate chords, melodies and rhythms on the piano keyboard, this is elusive for most people. Even highly-trained musicians! This online piano course shows how to practise to generate this musical fluency.

We might believe that fluent skills on the piano will eventually come, after we’ve learned all the theory or practised a few thousand hours of scales or exercises, but usually they don’t. Or we might believe that only rare special people with unusual innate talents can improvise, play by ear and sight-read fluently. We might even believe that we need special genes or that perfect pitch is a super-power! It isn’t!

A clear & simple model of musical language

All you need is a clear, coherent model of how music works, a practical understanding of how rhythmic and tonal patterns are formed. This is what the PlayPianoFluently course provides.

PlayPianoFluently is a clearly set out online piano course with carefully designed practice tools (or toys!) for developing musical fluency. With the correct focus and practice, you will be able to play chords and melodies by ear and rhythms that are naturally flowing and precise. Most importantly, using these skills, you will be able to express yourself naturally on the piano.

Once you have fluent piano skills, you can explore any style of music you like! All genres – jazz, rock and blues, classical, pop etc. – are built using the same principles and elements. You can use the keyboard as a tool for production, as a basis for composing and song-writing. Really, the sky’s the limit!

Learn to play the piano with clear focus, in a state of flow! Grasp musical structure & patterns & play effortlessly from your body & soul to set your musical creativity free!

The most useful piano skills

The PlayPianoFluently course will help you develop the most useful piano skills. After completing the course successfully, you will be able to play almost any music you can imagine. So you will be able to:

  • Play the piano by ear – which means you can play music you can remember instantly, effortlessly and without trial and error
  • Improvise or compose your own music instantly, effortlessly and without trial and error
  • Sight-read fluently – look at a musical score you have never seen before and hear it instantly in your imagination so that you can play it effortlessly, without having to plod through the notes decoding them slowly
  • Develop confident aural skills without the pain of traditional oral training
  • Learn new music quickly and easily

Learn new music quickly & play with great technique

With these skills in place, you will also find learning new music to be a very quick and easy process. You won’t need to rehearse pieces over and over until muscle memory kicks in – this common practice is not fluency.

You will also discover that developing excellent piano technique is a very natural process. There is no need to practise boring repetitive drills or finger exercises to develop strength and flexibility: your fingers work just fine as they are, as long as you have healthy hands. It’s your brain that needs training to understand the musical patterns in order to direct your fingers effectively. Music theory is also not necessary but becomes very easy to study and understand once you’re a fluent keyboard musician, after completing this course.